What’s Really Special About a Well-designed Concrete Nail Gun?

concrete nail gun

A concrete nail gun is an exceptional tool that professional plumbers use to push nails into hard surfaces, such as walls and steel bars. A good nailer has essential components such as a magazine, tip, and air exhaust.

5 Proven Uses of a Concrete Nail Gun

Below are some well-known uses of a nail gun.

  • Fixing cabinets

Woodworkers rely on this tool to attach a cabinet to the wall for storing utensils. Similarly, the professionals need a concrete nailer to fix the wardrobe to the wall in the bedroom.

  • Attaching electrical boxes

Electricians also need a concrete nailing tool to fix an electric box to the wall during electrical installation. These boxes safeguard electric parts, such as power outlets or switches, from unintended damage.

  • For house construction

Builders rely on this tool to fix wood studs to a concrete wall during framing. However, the tool is usually preferred for relatively thin wood as the nails are medium-sized.

  • For roofing purposes

Roofers can also rely on this tool to fix light roofs between concrete walls to allow natural light into the house.

  • Wood framing

Professional builders can fasten wood onto another wood during framing to construct indestructible houses. Recall that this tool can hold  0.375 to 2.75 inches nails.

concrete nail gun

Features of a Highly-rated Concrete Nail Gun

The following are essential characteristics that customers need to know before buying this tool.

  • Vast nail capacity

Popular companies manufacture good concrete nailers that can hold roughly 100 nails. Therefore, one can drill over 75 nails into a hard surface without loading more.

  • Weight

A good nail gun in NZ weighs less than 4 kilograms (3.05 kgs) and is hence easy to use. Plumbers don’t tire after using this specialized tool for some time.

  • Heavy-duty body

Brands, such as KIMSING, rely on aluminum to design the body of each concrete nail gun. The beauty of Al is that it’s highly corrosion-resistant and damage resistant hence durable.

  • Release latch

All nail guns feature a latch on the end of the magazine that professionals use to add more nails before use.

  • Nose

This tool features a nose that enables a professional to fire the gun, driving a nail onto a surface such as furniture or a hard surface.

Final Words

Professionals advise clients to be cautious when handling a concrete nail gun to avoid minor accidents. Further, they must select a good nailer with all the necessary safety components such as a nose.


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