How To Educate Your Clients About Your New High Performance Dyno

High Performance Dyno

While those who are very into cars and vehicle maintenance may know all about high performance dynos and may be very excited if your workshop were to invest in one, you probably have many clients with absolutely no idea what a dyno is.

Around a decade ago, dynos were only really used to provide services for race car drivers and those who took their vehicles seriously. But these days, dynos provide vehicle optimisation that can be enjoyed by your ‘average’ driver, who can expect benefits such as increased power and even increased safety.

In this article, we’ll share a few ways you can educate your clients on the benefits of dyno tuning and encourage them to book a dyno tuning session by providing them with important information.

Create Videos

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth at least 2000. These days, short-form video content is extremely popular on social media, and it is a great way to get information regarding dyno tuning across to your target audience.

Use Email Marketing

Remember that some of your older clients may not be on social media and they’ll miss out on your videos if you do not send them to them via email, along with links to additional information. Despite what some people may tell you, email marketing is not dead.

 High Performance Dyno

Show Clients The Dyno

When you have clients in the workshop picking up their cars from their maintenance service or repair, why not take them and show them the dyno. Many people may have never seen a dyno machine before and they may be instantly intrigued.

Create A Special

Create a dyno tuning special with a flyer to promote your dyno tuning services. The flyer should also take care to list the many benefits of dyno tuning in order to draw people in.

Host A Dyno Day

Dyno days are incredibly popular in the dyno industry. They provide a family-friendly environment where customers can get their dyno tuning done and see the machine in action.

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