The Interesting Timeline of IR ARO Pumps: A Rich and Respected History

IR ARO Pumps

Did you know that ARO pumps have a history that can be traced back almost a century? This year Ingersoll Rand celebrates 92 years of ARO pumps!

As a certified dealer of IR ARO pumps in Australia, Airdraulics is very proud to be associated with this incredible brand that has gained so much respect over the years. In this article, we’ll have a look at this brand, its history, and what makes them so popular today!

More About the Ingersoll Rand ARO Brand

Ingersoll Rand bought ARO in 2000. By this time, ARO had already been in operation for over half a century and had built up quite a name for itself for providing top-quality fluid handling products. The ARO brand was popular around the world, in many different countries, and in industries such as the Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Mining Industry, Transport, Manufacturing, and many more Industry segments.

IR ARO Pumps

ARO’s Past and Present

In 1930 ARO Equipment Corporation was founded in Ohio. Some of the first products produced by ARO include couplings, grease guns, lubricators, and more.

Today, ARO is famous for its diaphragm and piston pumps, regarded as some of the best pumps on the market. The pumps are praised for their performance and reliability and for delivering the best value to pump owners.

A Brief Timeline of ARO and Ingersoll Rand

1930- ARO Equipment Corporation was founded

1960 to 1970- The name ARO Equipment Corporation was changed to The Aro Corporation. Piston pumps were introduced.

1970 to 1980 Filter regulators and lubricators were launched, and a new plant was opened for further production.

1980 to 1990- First Air Operated Diaphragm pump was launched.

1990 to 2000 – Ingersoll Rand officially purchased ARO.

2000 to 2010- The Southern Pines plant begins producing piston and diaphragm pumps.

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