When you decide to painting concrete pavers, you will find that there are many types of concrete paints available around, and you will have to determine what color would be suitable for your paver. It depends on the nature of the paver that what kind of paint you should choose like stairs, sidewalks, or nasty old looking concrete pavers. You should always prepare and clean your concrete according to manufacturer specifications to ensure quality application of the product. Usually, the very first instruction to paint the concrete is to first clean it with oil stain remover or some concrete cleaner.

Various kinds of concrete pavers that need different paints:

  • If you are looking to clean up that garage floor a little bit with some concrete paint, you are going to want to look for a good epoxy garage floor coating. Epoxy is usually more durable than most of the other types of concrete paint and will hold up to high traffic areas. You can generally get epoxy style concrete paint in a variety of colors, including clear, which makes it pretty convenient.
  • For interior concrete floors, currently, the most durable application type is an epoxy type multi-surface coating for painting concrete pavers. You want to make it textured or not is entirely up to you and your specific application needs. There are also stains, anti-skid coatings, clear coats, sealers, and more for this type of application.
  • For a driveway and sidewalks, you are going to need a simple multi-surface type concrete sealer. You want something to protect against the natural elements, including the sun, rain, salt, etc. Good concrete paint for driveways and sidewalks should be not only waterproof but should also protect from UV rays. A common feature, the concrete paint usually carries is protection from gas, oil, & other household chemicals.
  • The stairs are another high traffic area, with the added slippage danger involved. For the stairs, you are want to get some anti-skid textured coating type concrete paint for painting concrete paver. The stairs are a dangerous place and would not do well with the smooth surface regular concrete paint would offer. This coating is also available in a variety of colors and finishes, including granite and various dies. Some multiple stains and sealers can be used in combination with an anti-skid floor texture type additive that is a much cheaper solution to painting the concrete on the stairs.