Aggregate equipment for sale can be made of different types of materials. The meaning of the word “aggregate” is the compilation of different things such as gravel, stone, sand, slag, and crushed stone. These materials are solid before they are used to make aggregate. To make these materials used for aggregate, they need to be crushed by heavy-duty machines.

Aggregate equipment for sale is used to get this job done easily. They can crush the stones into smaller pieces and then can be used for railroad beds, roads, buildings, and other construction purposes. Let’s have a look at some equipment that is used for aggregate crushing.

Aggregate Equipment For Sale

Vibrating Conveyor Belt:

Most of the times, these conveyor belts are extremely long. That is why they are very helpful in carrying the aggregate to the aggregate equipment for sale Alberta crushing. Raw materials are used to put on these vibrating conveyor belts, carefully and slowly. The vibration continues to cull out the smaller pieces and keep the larger pieces from falling at once in the crusher.

Jaw Crusher:

The first step in the aggregate crushing is usually the jaw crusher. It is made of an angled plate and a vertical plate. First, the conveyor belt pours the pieces of rocks on the jaw crusher. After that, the angled plates of the machine crushes the rock against the stationary vertical plate. Then these crushed pieces go into the bottom of the jaw crusher and then crushed into even smaller pieces.

Impact Crusher:

After the first crushing, the crushed stone is carried by the vibrating conveyor belt again to another crusher. Even though the stone is crushed small, they are not smaller enough to be used for construction purposes. The impact crusher crushes the smaller stones into tiny ones with its system of wheels.

Aggregate Equipment For Sale

Vibrating Screen:

After that, all of these tiny crushed stones are poured on to the vibrating screen, which continuously vibrates and separates different sizes of stones. You will have a finer aggregate after that.

Even after using so much aggregate equipment for sale, you will need more equipment for aggregate crushing. But some of the equipment you want to use depends on the type of material you want to use. But the machines described above are the major equipment that every enterprise or firm must use. These can crush almost all types of aggregate materials.  For more related information, visit our website.