What Are The Main Accessories Of Sewing Machines NZ?

sewing machines NZ

Buying sewing machines NZ is essential as they will help you sew new clothes and repair the damaged ones. However, you can never be a perfect tailor if you don’t have the right sewing accessories NZ.  If you are getting into the garment industry for the first time, you may be confused when selecting the best sewing machine accessories in New Zealand.

Usually, these tools maintain the efficiency of your sewing machine and enable you to work seamlessly.  Therefore, you should know the roles of the following sewing accessories and buy them to enhance your operation.

Presser’s feet

It’s one of the most important sewing accessories NZ that helps hold the fabric you are working on flat to allow the sewing machine to stitch to your desired design. Since there are different types of presser feet, we believe that buying multi-purpose presser feet gives you an advantage.

Zipper foot is another type of presser foot ideal for installing zippers. They also help in the insertion of piping and beaded trim. Even whenever there is too much bulk on one side of the fabric, this type of presser will be ideal.

sewing machines NZ


Without a bobbin, it will be impossible to use the sewing machine; that’s why you should miss it as a part of your sewing machine accessory. Bobbin could be a cylinder or spindle equipped with or without flanges. It’s where the tailor wound the thread, yarn, film or wire.


When you buy sewing machines NZ, it will come with a small brush, usually referred to as a duster.  Its primary purpose is for cleaning lint from your sewing machine.  Alternatively, you may choose to use an old toothbrush, but to attain the best results and ensure the durability of your sewing machine, ensure you are using the right sewing accessories NZ.

Sewing-Machine Needles

There are generally different sizes of sewing machine needles, and they are also available in various types. The choice of your hands depends on the weight of your fabric. It’s essential to start with a fresh sewing machine needle. Without the correct needle, your thread may break or when you have a heavier fabric, opt for a hand with a large size.

Screwdriver and Oil

Why is a screwdriver an essential sewing machine accessory? Well, it’s a tool sawists use to change needles and open machine parts to allow easy cleaning or repair.  On the other hand, your sewing machines NZ also needs oil for lubrication of the running parts.

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