How Boring Under A Road For Sewage And Water Pipes Works

Boring under a road

The concept of boring under a road has changed the industry of underground utility installation. Previously, to install utilities such as sewage and water pipes, the surface-level disruption would have greatly inconvenienced or even completely shut down operations in the area. With under road boring conducted by reputable companies such as AV Drilling, however, underground utilities can be installed quickly, with less mess and virtually no disruption to the above-ground environment.

What Is Under Road Boring?

Boring under a road is typically done with a technique called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). Installing underground utilities via HDD has minimal impact on the environment. These utilities can include conduits, cables, gas pipelines and sewage and water pipes.

How Do Your Bore Under A Road?

  1. Drilling the Pilot Hole
    Under the road, a pilot hole is horizontally drilled according to a predetermined design path using an electronic transmitter mounted in housing directly behind the directional drilling cutting head.
  2. Reaming
    It is necessary to enlarge the borehole to a diameter appropriate for a pipeline. Reamers are attached to drill strings at the opposite end of the borehole from the drill and are withdrawn into the pilot hole, gradually enlarging the bore to larger diameters. To maintain the integrity of the hole and to clear out cuttings, a slurry is pumped into the borehole.
  3. Pullback
    Once successfully reamed, the reamer is removed while simultaneously pulling through the utility, in this case, a water or sewage pipeline.

Boring under a road

Choose AV Drilling To Bore Under A Road

At AV Drilling, we specialise in boring under a road. Our services are commonly used across the New South Wales area for many different infrastructure projects, including road, rail and utilities. With well-trained staff and an owner-managed team, AV Drilling gets the job done quickly and efficiently to the highest standard. To find out more about boring under a road, ask any questions or get a quote, give us a call on 1300 208 491 or visit our website to fill out our online form.

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