With the increasing population of the world, the traffic on the road has also increased. Lots of young drivers on the road and as a result, more and more traffic incidents are happening. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a council, Government, or traffic management companies, it is important to understand Different kinds of traffic management options. You should also know the purpose of these traffic management options and whether they are according to your needs or not is.

Speed humps:

These are the small bumps in the road that are proven to be the most successful tool for managing the traffic. They are very effective because they slow down the speed of drivers and are very suitable according to needs. The simplest way to produce The speed humps high impact plastic, and they will give the effect of original speed humps.

Speed cushions:

These speed cushions are designed for the same purpose as the speed humps have, but they provide a lot more flexibility. They have a narrow shape that allows the wider wheelbase vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines to move without affecting themselves by the installation while slowing them down.


They are designed to force the drivers to alter their routes as well as slowing them down. They do not have the same negative impacts as the speed humps and they don’t do any damage to the vehicle which is the biggest criticism of the Speed Humps. But the Labour and the planning that are required to build the chicanes will cost very high.

Width restrictions:

The working of width restrictions is the same as chicanes by encouraging the drivers to slow down. Traffic control companies, most of the time, prefer this barrier to manage the traffic. The major advantage of the width restrictions is that they can be used by the way distance to cross the road very easily. It has a very great and positive outcome to calm the traffic.

Standard roundabouts:

If a standard roundabout is placed very well, it will have a great calming influence on the traffic. It will give equal opportunity to everyone to make their exit from the road. It is also very helpful on the busy Junction to avoid accidents and traffic, which is very common nowadays. It is a very good option for Traffic management companies to control and manage traffic.