Although aluminium doors are incredibly popular because they are one of the most low maintenance options for any location, aluminium does still require some basic level of care. The effective, regular cleaning of aluminium doors will go a long way in keeping them looking shiny and new for a long time. This is because cleaning with the help of aluminium cleaners offers the opportunity to protect aluminium against the build-up of grime, dirt and salt deposits, as well as the damaging effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. While aluminium doors are relatively weather-proof due to the metal’s resilient natural properties, if left untreated, potentially hazardous materials can build upon their surface and may cause damage, if not unsightly appearances. Regular cleaning is also a necessity in many cases to avoid the cancellation of warranties by suppliers.

When do you need to clean the aluminium doors and windows:

Because aluminium is a durable material, doors made from aluminium do not need to be cleaned too frequently, however you should aim to clean them once every six months at least. Depending on where the door is located, it may require more frequent cleaning. For example, doors that face onto the elements will need more attention than interior doors, and aluminium doors in locations near the sea or industrial areas will face more environmental pollutants than others and should be cleaned at least once every three months. Areas of the door that are commonly hit by rainfall should be given particular attention.

Methods to clean the aluminium surfaces:

To clean aluminium doors, first, flush the surface with clean running water to wash away any deposits of dirt or dust. Then dip a sponge into a combination of warm water or aluminium cleaner and mild detergent and wipe down the aluminium surface. Always make sure any sponge is dampened before it is applied to the door because dry dusting can cause scratching of the surface of the aluminium. Finally, rinse the door again with clean running water to remove detergent residue and wipe the door dry with a clean chamois.

The most suitable materials to clean aluminium surfaces:

Although a mild detergent, as described above, is suitable for the general cleaning of aluminium as the best aluminium cleaner, other substances may be required for application to particularly tough stains on aluminium window and door frames. For these applications, the surface should be cleaned with a mixture of 90% water and 10% methylated spirits. Harsher solvents such as turpentine risk causing permanent damage to aluminium doors that have been powder coated or bear any other kinds of anodised finishes.