4 Reasons to Prefer Framing Nail Gun of Hammers

A framing nail gun is a type of nail gun designed for building construction. It is distinguished from other types of nail guns by its size and power. Framing nailers are used to assembling wood frames, sub-frames, walls, and roof trusses. They are also ideal for installing decking material and roof decking. Framing nailers are more significant than most other types of nail guns. However, they are typically heavier as well. Most models weigh over 6 pounds and a few top 12 pounds. A framing nailer can fire nails up to 2 inches long with a diameter of 3 inches.

Let’s discuss why framing nail guns is better than framing hammers.


Framing nail guns are faster because they don’t require you to go back and forth over the same nail repeatedly. Framing nailers have changed the way many people build. They enable you to work more quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy. They can also reduce the number of trips you need to make to your tool shed or truck. The expertise of the framer is no longer measured by how far he or she can swing a hammer. Instead, it’s measured by how quickly and accurately they can drive a nail into place.

Nail Gun Hammer


Framing hammers and other materials are not safe for work as they hit their finders and hands with the hammers. Hammers can cause different kinds of injuries, and that’s where nail guns are much better than hammers. They are a lot safer than the framing hammers, and you can do the job without any threat of hitting your body with heavy material.

More Powerful

Framing hammers are very popular, but they don’t pack the same power as framing nail guns. Framing nails can drive through wood much faster when shot from a nail gun NZ than when driven by other means. Framing guns are safer to use than hammers, too. No one has to swing a heavy hammer to drive a fastener into the wood. They simply have to point and shoot the nail.


Nail guns are the perfect tool for woodworking. They are perfect for adhering the wood to different surfaces, and they have made it possible to create beautiful wooden items quickly. 

A framing nail gun provides accuracy in the work, and they are lightweight and easy to use. They are also quite versatile products, as they can be used for different tasks, from framing walls to assembling furniture.

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